5 Tips for Social Media Management

Did you know there’s a direct relationship between how much time you put into social media and your ROI?

Social Media Examiner recently put out a report that says of those who spend at least six hours per week on social media, 71 percent found a benefit in it, as opposed to 54 percent of whom spent five hours a week. So, spending just one more hour per week can make all the difference. How can you better manage your precious time? Here are five tips:

  1. Plan: Come up with a detailed plan. Devote one hour a week to updating your social media calendar in an effort to be more consistent and make sure you don’t repeat posts. Plan out your posts in advance so there’s always something waiting in the wings. That way, you aren’t chained to your computer putting out posts every day. You can always add in something that comes up that’s more urgent if needed.
  2. Create or find images: Instead of using traditional stock photos, make your own professional photos or hire someone to do them. This way, anything from clothing to food menu items comes across as professional as possible.
  3. Schedule: Once you have curated your links, found photos and gathered content, it’s time to schedule it all out. Ideally, you should use a social media management platform for advanced scheduling, which is easy with Facebook.
  4. Participate: Social isn’t a one-way street. You can post stuff all you want but you have to interact and encourage feedback as well. Consider posting polls and surveys, host Twitter chats, comment on follower suggestions, and ask followers to share photos and experiences on your page.
  5. Expand from your comfort zone. You may have your top three go-to platforms that you always post on, but you can quickly get in a rut. Most businesses focus on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But it can be refreshing to post on Instagram once a week, or share a YouTube video twice a week. Just to shake things up!

Follow these tips in order to be consistent and comprehensive on social media. Manage your time better and you will see a marked increase in your productivity. AVM Internet Solutions can help. Call us today at 732-526-7590.


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