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Hopefully this will help some of the confusion over POP & IMAP. IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) IMAP4 allows you to read emails as they appear on the hosting server. Any changes you make (delete, reply, forward, move) are seen by anyone else who logs into webmail or IMAP. This is the perfect solution for multiple users who need to access the same email account. This is also perfect for …Read More

Black Friday Countdown

The top-rated NBC10 ConsumerWatch’s Tracy Davidson gives a step-by-step guide on how to approach Black Friday interviewed AVM Internet Solutions, Inc. President, Vincent Gentile on what consumers can expect through social media marketing this holiday season. In the interview, Gentile shared that retailers will connect with their fan base through the social media networks, especially Facebook.  Retailers will be twitting and posting store hours, coupons, sales, hard to find toys …Read More

Ecommerce pioneer Broadvision now banking on socal media

Everything is social today, this article explains it perfectly. Its the next Yellow Pages….I think he’s right…! Vincent Gentile, www.avminternetsolutions.com BroadVision Inc., a Silicon Valley e-commerce pioneer that saw its better days before the dot-com bubble burst, today is reinventing itself as a firm that creates social networks for businesses. The Redwood City firm launched Clearvale, a platform that includes templates – and later this year an “app store” – …Read More

Companies Struggle to Keep Social Media Content On-Message – eMarketer

A Message to CEO’s: The individual in charge of Social can alter  the companies message and you won’t know it until its too late..! Marketers and other corporate communications professionals may sometimes feel they have a thankless task: carefully craft messages about their company’s thought leadership, social responsibility effor via Companies Struggle to Keep Social Media Content On-Message – eMarketer.

How Businesses Are Unleashing Their Employees’ Social Media Potential

How Businesses Are Unleashing Their Employees’ Social Media Potential. The big Takes: Technology empowerment works both ways. Consumers can take a stand against poor business practices, and brands can empower their customers like never before. Lack of control inside and outside companies is the beginning of a new way of working — one in which employees know their job is to use technology to solve customer problems. Best Buy, CMO …Read More

How Social Media Marketers Can Convert Attention Into Action

How Social Media Marketers Can Convert Attention Into Action. The big Takes: Social media marketers must learn to introduce “clicks to action” and outcomes that steer consumer experiences toward desirable results. Once attention is captivated, the real question is, what are you going to do with it? Introduce a “call to action” in new media to generate intentional outcomes. Data is a fountain of inspiration for Social Marketers.

Consumer Survey Finds 95% of Consumers Research Online Prior to Purchase

Your Company’s website is your prospects first impression…!  This is a great article from Website Magazine.  The BIG Take: The internet simply drives offline sales. With the holidays and black friday approaching this becomes more critical every day. Vincent Gentile, President         www.avminternetsolutions.com Websites Are More Important Than Ever As 95% of Consumers Research Products Online Prior to Purchase. If You Think Your Company’s Web Site Isn’t Important, …Read More