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5 Tips for Social Media Management

Did you know there’s a direct relationship between how much time you put into social media and your ROI? Social Media Examiner recently put out a report that says of those who spend at least six hours per week on social media, 71 percent found a benefit in it, as opposed to 54 percent [...]

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Should You Use Pinterest?

Should You Use Pinterest? - You may understand the importance of being on social media sites like Facebook, but you may be wondering if your type of business is well suited for other types of sites like Pinterest. This is a valid concern. Not every business should be on Pinterest. It all depends on [...]

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Instagram Overtaking Twitter – Ever changing social environment

Check out this article - it's part of a five part series on content marketing. How many small businesses are utilizing Instagram...I'll bet not a lot. This is the fifth and final installment in a five-part series of articles focusing on best practices to up your content marketing game on the “big four” of social [...]

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How Facebook Ads Work as Part of Your Local Business Marketing Strategy

As a critical tool in your market plan arsenal, Facebook advertising provides many benefits to social media marketing that go above and beyond the capabilities of search engine alternatives like Google Adwords. If you’re wondering how Facebook ads work, check this out: Getting started. Even the most inexperienced advertiser can create and run an [...]

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Columbo’s 9 Rules of Media Engagement

This is a great read from my partner company: AIS Media Vincent Gentile, Much is written today about the importance of engagement in social media marketing. In simple terms, engagement means developing relationships, sustaining them, and then then creating an environment where people feel they trust you enough to want to openly share information. The [...]

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Twitter Begins Allowing Direct Messages With Verified Accounts Sans Following Back

The back-and-forth between brand reps who manage Twitter accounts and people who try to communicate with those brands might become a little less complicated. It seems no longer will verified Twitter accounts be required to follow back the Twitter users who want to send direct messages. The Next Web is reporting that Twitter is easing [...]

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Will “MYSPACE” make a comeback…?

My Space has just been sold, for 35 million down from 580 million six years ago.....will they make a comeback...? Another example of social media marketing and company's trying to compete with Facebook.     Vincent Gentile: News Corp. sold music and entertainment website Myspace to a little-known ad-targeting firm, shedding a onetime Internet success whose [...]

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Googles, social networking effort.

Great read from the WSJ........New social alternatives.......will it get traction...? Google Inc. launched its most ambitious social-networking effort yet, broadening a battle with Facebook Inc. to grab the attention of Web users and future advertising dollars. The new service, a top priority for new Google Chief Executive Larry Page, is aimed at exploiting what has [...]

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