Copy Writing

Want to get noticed?

Haven’t been having any luck? Do you get bored reading your own content? It’s time for a change, and it’s time to let AVM Internet Solutions help you finally get the results you’ve been after. If you’re perched on the edge of success but need that extra push to propel you to a stellar online presence that will generate revenue and customer loyalty, we have some great ideas when it comes to copywriting, content writing and blog writing.

You may have the best product around with the most appealing graphics and a cool layout. But a website without compelling content is like a mansion with no furnishings inside, a Ferrari with a Hyundai engine, the Sistine Chapel without Michelangelo’s brush strokes: what’s the point? You need quality content to back up what you’re selling, whether that’s a product, service or idea. If not, the customer will see through you and move on to someone who’s more knowledgeable about their wares.

That’s why you need a staff of highly qualified writers on your side who is committed to delivering on promises of superior copywriting. We’ve got the professionalism and follow-through that you need to grab the attention of your readers and keep it there. Anyone can lure readers in with flashy graphics, but the true test of a website lies in its ability to retain the interest of visitors long enough for them to make a purchase or pursue additional information.

We have experience working with clients in a variety of industries, from medicine and law to industrial equipment manufacturing and landscaping. It’s our business to drive more business to your website and therefore increase traffic. We all know what that means: the potential for more sales and the building blocks of brand loyalty, and isn’t that the bottom line?

It all starts with creative copywriting.

It all starts with creative copywriting. What you get from us is a polished finished product that integrates seamlessly with your website through clear, concise copy that potential customers will be compelled to read. This doesn’t mean we clog up your precious web space with long diatribes of what you do and how great you are. Sure, we make you look good, along with your products and services, but sometimes short and sweet is where it’s at. The average person spends just 10 to 20 seconds on any given web page before moving on. Most people, in fact, will only devote time to reading about a quarter of the text on your page before leaving. You, in essence, only have a few precious seconds and a few paragraphs of content to make it irresistible for the reader to stay.

Your writing must be clear and focused, with a succinct value proposition in order to be successful. Here is a sampling of the copywriting services we offer:

  • Articles
  • Interviews
  • Biographies on key members of your company’s team
  • Blog posts (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Optimized copy for SEM purposes
  • Product descriptions
  • Social media posts (tweets, video transcriptions, etc.)

The moneymaking power of the web cannot be denied. Place your trust in AVM Internet Solution’s web copywriting and SEO copywriting to give your business a competitive edge. We’re committed to giving you the effective resources you need to truly make the most of your online presence. If you want to stand head and shoulders above the rest, you need compelling content, it’s as simple as that. Let our professionals work their magic and create content for a website that will attract customers new and old. Call AVM Internet Solutions today to see how we can help you.