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Easy Forms: E-mail/Website

For a layman, Online Forms are always a problem, now anyone can create a great looking form (without coding knowledge) for FREE through Google Doc’s. How cool is that…!

Simply choose one of the seven question formats, they include text, scale and multiple choice options, and ask your questions to get the feedback needed. Google will record all responses and tabulate everything into analytics for each question.

You can use the form in an e-mail or simply take the provided embed code and past it into the html of your website.

Its even easier if you are utilizing the WordPress platform for website design.  Login into your WordPress Admin panel, create a page or post, click the HTML tab in the upper right corner of the page, paste the embed code provided by Google Doc’s and your done.

Google Docs is definitely the simplest way to create an online form.  If you have a g-mail account (or e-mail with g-mail) then you are already enrolled in Google Doc’s and have access to lots of great tools and app’s for free.

Check back for more online form solutions.

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