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Google Black Listing – It’s not like you can call Google…!

Have you ever had a site come under attack? Well it can be very disturbing since your website will automatically go to a page that looks like this.

Google Page Attack

We had a client site get hacked and malware was added to a few spots on the site. When this happens, Google will automatically black list the site and when a user visits the infected url, they receive a Page Attack message. I never had this happen and called my hosting company for assistance. They said they didn’t find malware and to simply utilize my Google Webmaster tools to have Google re-index the website.

I followed their instructions and waited a week however the Black Listing/Page Attack was not removed. I thought that maybe it didn’t go through, so I tried again to ask Google to re-index the site and waited another week to no avail.

In the meantime, I attended the Philadelphia Word Camp and meet Dre Armeda and Tony Perez, two of the principles of Tony took time out to listen to my problem, I’m sure he had listened to a million similar stories. He listened, explained what happens, and offered me the opportunity to call him personally when he returned to the office.

I didn’t call him directly but simply went online and placed my order. Their team responded immediately. Within two hours the malware was removed, they provided several recommendations regarding potential security problems on my hosting platform and the Black Listing/Google Page Attack was lifted.

Well worth the money to elevate this problem. Thank You Sucuri….!

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