Is Your SEO Working?

Is Your SEO Working? – The goal of SEO is to have your website rank higher in search results. This is an organic approach that takes time and that must align with your searchers’ needs and expectations, so your approach to your site design must change to keep up with them. Has it been a few months since your site was updated last? Have you noticed a reduction in your conversion rates? Take a look at these signs that your SEO strategy isn’t working to its full potential.

Your Organic Website Traffic is Slowing Down
In order to achieve the most effectiveness for search rankings, your organic traffic is the top reliable way to measure this. Go to Google Analytics, click on “Acquisitions,” and there will be a break-down of the origin of your site traffic. This will come from a variety of places, such as searches, social media, referrals and direct visits. Check this on a monthly basis.

You’re Not Getting as Many Phone Calls

If your website is just out there dangling in the wind with no assistance with SEO efforts to actively encourage results, it can quickly get stagnant. Major search engines like Google are checking to see when your site was last updated and they will use that to judge how they rank searches. If you want to rank higher, add fresh content and update your site regularly. This way, you can gain higher conversions from search results due to customer contact. A decline in customer phone calls over a period of time should spur you on to get back into the SEO game.

Your Keyword Rankings are Declining

Keywords aren’t as important to rankings as they once were a few years ago, but they’re still important – at least from Google’s point of view. Today’s keyword importance centers around the intent of the searcher. Creating higher quality, more relevant content for your website takes center stage now, with main keywords sprinkled in strategically and naturally. Keyword stuffing is no longer an acceptable way to rank. Google is getting smarter and will actually cause you to drop down a few pegs when it’s clear you’re clumping keywords at the top of your page just for ranking’s rake.

Stay informed with the criteria that major search engines are using to determine website ranking. A good rule of thumb is to have no more than a three percent ratio of keywords to content. Update your content weekly to appease the Google gods. And don’t be afraid to use Google’s reporting features to track and improve your performance.

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