PPC – Adwords

PPC can Boost your Exposure

Pay per click, known commonly as PPC, is a form of online advertising that involves advertisers paying a certain amount of money whenever someone clicks on their link found in the “sponsored” search results area. This amount, which varies with components such as keywords used, can be just pennies or it can really add up with dollars. In any event, they’re paying good money to be seen. These types of ad campaigns are time-consuming and stressful to manage yet they add real value to your efforts at online visibility. That’s where AVM Internet Solutions steps in. Let our skilled team manage your PPC needs to ensure top-notch results.

We’ll develop and track your campaign from start to finish

As part of our PPC services, we’ll develop and track your campaign from start to finish so you can see how well its doing and under what circumstances. We don’t just stop there, though. We also offer monthly maintenance of paid advertising, which includes tools like Google AdWords, plus your choice of customized packages to suit your budget.

Proven PPC management is integral when implementing highly targeted website traffic, sales and leads. We have the experience in this arena to deliver on our promises of digital marketing success. Consider the fact that about 64 percent of serious keywords searchers who are ready to buy something clicked on sponsored (paid) results, while only 35 percent clicked on organic (unpaid) links. Why do users tend to click on the paid results first? Because they see them first.

It’s that simple. Beating your competition to the punch will help you survive online.

What can you achieve with an integrated PPC campaign?

• Get the maximum exposure for lead generation and conversion
• Use the least amount of ad money on each conversion
• Enjoy conversion rate optimization on a regular basis
• Generate more website traffic
• Out-rank your competition

AVM Internet Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of services when it comes to pay per click advertising. Those services include:

• PPC advertising strategy and campaign audits
• Competitor PPC analysis
• Keyword research
• Landing page design
• Ad and landing page copy writing
• Tracking and reporting
• Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
• Analytics
• Monthly performance reports
• Geo-targeted PPC designed for location-based campaigns
• Personalized consultations with our team of experts

PPC is used as a complement to the other services we offer

All of this doesn’t happen overnight. PPC, along with services like SEO and SEM, is a work in progress, one that is trackable over time and can be documented and analyzed. You don’t have the time it takes to put into this task — it’s time consuming and tedious, best left up to the professionals at AVM who do this day in, day out. Instead, put your talents to use where they are better needed – growing your business, making connections, getting your name out there. PPC is used as a complement to the other services we offer to get your company noticed. By buying visits to your website, you are ensuring top placement on the top search engines for the best chances of visibility. When a potential customer is looking to buy a product like yours, don’t you want your company name to be there, front and center? Call AVM Internet Solutions today to achieve just that;  a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to “earn” those visits organically.