Purchasing Links

In recent times, there have been arguments in the SEO community about buying links that create one way links to targeted websites. There has been speculations that the search engines crackdown and frown on websites that consistently buy paid link building.

As outlined by Matt Cutts, not many people know that websites with paid links pointing to them can be seen by any Google staff in 30 secs flat. What this basically means is that if you purchase paid links, you can be penalized, sandboxed or in severe instances, de-indexed within 2 minutes.

Google entirely frowns on utilizing just about any incentivised link building method whatsoever meant to sway a website’s PageRank and rankings on the SERPs. Does this imply however that you cannot employ paid links in your link development efforts?

Well, as you can see, this is a risky circumstance. Including paid links in your link building campaigns is often a risk. Should you must, make sure that the paid links are really minimal and smaller compared to your natural links. For that matter, make it as low as 1-2%; or nothing more. In this way, even when there is a clampdown on websites with loads of paid one way links pointing to them, yours does not really fall in that category as they will be checking out websites having a higher percentage of paid links.

Precisely What Must I Do If I Already Have Loads of Paid Links?

Simple; begin to build more natural links from here and after. This is because you should have preferably acquired much more natural one way links compared to the purchased links by the moment the search engines get ready for another “cleansing”. Give full attention to these for now because you don’t wish to see all that time and effort go down the drain in a single fell swoop. And better believe it, when Google can do something much like by way of Google slap (Google AdWords “purge”), you could surely assume they can do the same for non-paying advertisers.

If you wish to engage an expert, it is always good to search for a top quality link company which is experienced in natural one way link building and SEO link building service techniques only.

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