SEM – Search Engine Marketing

Proven Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Take advantage of our proven search engine marketing techniques – known for short as SEM. Here at AVM Internet Solutions, we are proud to offer a wide range of Internet marketing and search engine marketing services to get your company noticed, large or small. We give you the tools and resources to lure more traffic to your website, which in turn will generate more leads and boost sales. We have the power to get your business noticed online. Search engine marketing describes paid search activities over SEO which earns you traffic through free listings. Search marketing is often referred to as an umbrella term to encompass SEO and SEM together. Whatever you call it, it gets results and gets you seen in all the top search engines, such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google.

As part of our SEM services, we offer the following:

Search Engine Optimization: We can develop a comprehensive SEO campaign for you, from keyword research to calls to action that will propel your company’s website to new heights thanks to increased visibility on Google and search engines just like it.

Social Media Marketing: Get others buzzing about your business through online conversations. If you’re not utilizing social media to its fullest, you’re missing out big time. It’s no secret that people are online and they’re talking about anything from family and friends to their favorite products and brands. Get in on the conversation and take advantage of the open forum of collaboration. Did you know that people hit social media sites more than they do anything else online, including email? With millions of tweets shared and “likes” posted, you need to tap into this potential to get noticed.

Web Analytics: We provide you with strong website analytics tools that ensure a top-notch website that’s working just as it should.

Paid Advertising: Also known as PPC, this type of ad campaign brings you sponsored links that direct visitors to your site. In addition, we can help you track where you’re spending money on advertising and how you could do it better.

Copywriting: Compelling, clear, captivating content is necessary to get people to your site and keep them there. Our team is skilled at creating copy for any subject matter and any industry. Don’t have time to write your own copy? Tired of your own boring content? Let us spruce it up and get you the attention you deserve.

Email Marketing: Learn how to best direct your emails to your target audience so that you can get the most bang for your buck. Our custom solutions will boost your visibility when it comes to the ever-important Internet marketing and search engine marketing aspects of your business.

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