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Which to choose: A Good Web Design Firm in NJ or a Good Web Designer in NJ

Whenever you open a website there are some things that attract your attention immediately. These attention grabbers can be defined as a website’s lay out, the information that the pages contain about the company and services, and the overall look of a company. This area would fall under the web designer or web designing, and [...]

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How do I select my Web Designer or Website Design Company..?

If you do a Google search for “website design” or “web designer”, especially in the Central New Jersey (NJ) area, you will uncover countless pages of results for everything from a custom web design to FREE websites. How do you select the right website design company or web designer..? How do you especially find someone [...]

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WordPress: The Business Solution

Its true, WordPress started out as a blogging platform. Today, Wordpress is a platform for fortune 500 company’s and is a full fledged content management system. The list of company’s is impressive with names like Ford, Wall Street Journal, Sony, People Magazine, Samsung, Play Station, and many more utilizing the WordPress platform.  If you are [...]

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Content Management System

We hear it all the time, a company hires a website design company and they feel locked into the web designer for every minor change or edit. With WordPress, our clients have the flexibility to make website changes in-house;  providing them the power to maintain their website without a web designers assistance. Our complete content [...]

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Best Web Design Services in Freehold NJ l Website Design Freehold New Jersey

Make AVM Internet Solutions, Inc your source for affordable small business website design and shopping cart solutions. We have been serving small business owners in the Freehold (Central New Jersey) and Monmouth County area since 2008. We provide an array of internet and web services that reach far beyond the normal web developer, we'll discuss [...]

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