The Best Ways to Flaunt Your Online Reviews

The Best Ways to Flaunt Your Online Reviews – A big part of getting new customers in the door is for them to see how happy your past customers are with your products and services. Reviews are important to how you market your services and products because they help potential customers make a decision if they’re on the fence about which company to go with. You want to be ready for them at that moment when they’re making that important decision.

Another benefit of customer reviews is that they can promote your business and boost credibility at the same time. The result? Higher conversions and higher revenue. Building trust with your audience happens slowly but it can get stronger if potential customers see other people singing your praises.

So, where can you include reviews so they make the most impact?

1. Your Website: There’s no better place to display your reviews than on your own website, front and center. People are already there; it’s apparent they are interested in what you have to offer. Why not optimize your opportunity? You should have a designated Testimonials page, but if you don’t make sure they’re placed somewhere prominently on your home page.

  1. Social Media: With the potential for thousands and even millions of shares and likes, social media is the best way to illustrate your clients’ happiness with your products and services.
  2. Printed Marketing Materials: You may not have a lot of space when you send out mailers, brochures and coupons, but all you need is a few lines to incorporate some glowing reviews.
  3. Special Reports and Buyer’s Guides: Include testimonials within any free e-books, reports and guides you may offer as part of a mailing list. You’re backing your expertise with proven experiences that have made your prior clients very happy. Future ones will recognize that value.
  4. In Your Business: If you have a physical office or retail space, include marketing materials that display your reviews. This is a great method of achieving customer retention and referrals.

Reviews and testimonials are crucial for any business. However, simply having them in your back pocket won’t do you a bit of good. Maximize exposure and build trust by displaying them wherever you can. Call AVM Internet Solutions for more guidance on how to achieve this at 732-526-7590 or 877-382-6564.


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