WEBSITE DESIGN: We give you the whole package!

The best thing about websites is they’re always open. Customers can browse your website at 3 in the morning or buy a product at noon.

In today's market, it's essential to have a well-structured website that captures the visitor and adheres to the current Google standards.


  • Content Management System - We only build in WordPress which is the most popular CMS platform used worldwide. You will be able to make text edits, add pictures, and change pricing forms, in-house, without calling a designer/developer.
  • Unique Content - Our team of writers will write your page content or you can provide the page content.
  • Necessary Content - Very often, clients will say "I just want a lot of pictures - picture sell". If you want to be found on the internet for a keyword like "above ground pools", you will need page content about "above ground pools". Pictures help too, but not as much as content.
  • Meta Descriptions, Page Titles & H1, H2 Tags - We handle this in your build out.
  • Pro theme, plugins & backups.

Keep in mind, an inexperienced developer/designer can ruin the Google ranking that you may already have.



Below are a few examples of custom web design projects, or you can visit OUR WORK page to view a larger version.

Mobile Responsive

With 20 to 50 percent of Google searches being done on a mobile device of some kind and 25 percent of Internet users only accessing the Internet via a tablet or smart phone these days, the end result is clear.


Control your own content! If you’ve been feeling out of control of your website and want to take hold of those reigns, we'll implement a customized in-house content management system via WordPress.

Copy Writing

Do you get bored reading your own content?  It’s time for a change, and it’s time to let AVM Internet Solutions help you finally get the results you’ve been after. It all starts with creative copywriting.

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