What SEO Experts Should Be Aware Of About Google Search, Plus Your World

Google Search Plus Your World is the latest from Google which was formally out January 10th 2012. In addition to standard Search search results using Google Search, you can at the moment search for results pertinent to you, to your circle of associates if you do the Search while signed in to your Google+ account. For example, you looked up for Cooking Class For Children, if you are logged in to your Google+ account then in addition to default Search results, it would show baking class which your friend suggests, baking class photos if your friend happens to have circulated such, or your friend’s remark about a baking class.

Why Google Search, plus Your World? Google says this is like real life situation when most of us would ask from friends and friends of friends regarding any information we need. Hence, results on Google now have a second layer, the default search results and the search results which are personally relevant to you as a user.

Google Search, Plus Your World Plus SEO

How does Google Search, Plus Your World impact SEO? Do we at the moment have a need to set up Google+ accounts and expand our Google+ circle so anything that we put up for sale (for e-commerce websites, for instance) will be posted, circulated, and plus oned and so come out of the results?

An initial experiment by an SEO specialist shows that there could be advantage in being actively engaged in Google+. The experiment confirmed that for the same search keyword put on the regular Search and whilst logged in to Google+, the standard search results would show together with personal search results if he was signed in to Google+. His website did not come out on the default Search, but it appeared on the front page of Google Search, Plus Your World as the search keyword he entered was significant to his Google+ circle.

Would SEO Now Take On Social Networks?

Even Googlers initially questioned Larry Page for choosing to go for the social networking system, however there is no doubt Google+ is spreading rapidly like grassfire. And when Google creates the change, it is wise to take heed. After all, it is the biggest search engine and you would want your website to be found in Google Search, and certainly, Search plus Your World as well.

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