WordPress a Content Management System

Do you need to contact your web designer for every minor change or edit..? WordPress can fix that….

With a website designed in WordPress, you have the flexibility to make changes in-house; providing you the power to maintain your website without a web designer’s assistance. A WordPress site comes with a complete content management system or admin panel, so you can easily add/change page content, add blog posts, add articles, change pictures, up-load image gallery’s, add/remove pages, create landing pages, change advertising banners, just about anything. If you have a website that changes on a daily or weekly basis, WordPress is the perfect option to manipulate your website with out having formal html/php coding knowledge. Keep in mind, it’s important to communicate with your WordPress web designer the areas that will change and the kinds of changing content that will appear on the site. By doing this, your web designer can make it easier for you to make changes and manipulate the page content.

WordPress started out as a blogging platform however today, WordPress is the platform of choice for webdesign and development. The list of company’s utilizing WordPress is impressive with names like Ford, Wall Street Journal, Sony, People Magazine, Samsung, Play Station.

Reasons to have your website built on the WordPress Platform…

Content Management System– Easy to change content, images, banners, pages without needing to know htlm and php coding.

Widgets & Plugins – Since WordPress is open source, there are very geeky and brilliant people all over the world, creating snippets of functionality that can be loaded into a wordpress site. For example you can easily find plugins for – image gallery’s, shopping carts, classified ad’s, google ad’s, image rotations, protected page or membership plugins, custom form creation, just about anything. These widgets and plugins provide an enormous amount of sophisticated functionality, generally for free, however you (or your web designer) will need to know how to manipulate them.

Themes – Tons of free themes; however the trend is to purchase professional themes that enhance the design and build. Professional Themes generally also have built in support forums.

Hosting – Most hosting companies will provide a “Quick Install” for loading the base WordPress files.

Support – WordPress has a world wide support network/forum where just about any question can be presented to the WordPress community for feedback. When purchasing professional themes and plugins they generally will have an additional forum network of advice and support.

Changing Content / Blog or Article Section – Google likes content, and Google likes changing content even more! Since WordPress has a database and was conceived as a blogging platform, adding blog content or article sections is a great way to continually increase the content on your website which will certainly increase your organic growth and help you to be found in more and more searches.

SEO – WordPress provides great search engine optimization (SEO) features. You will need to make a few minor customizations or you can also tweak your SEO with a number of great plugins that will do the heavy lifting you.

In today’s environment, it’s more important than ever to have your online web presence work in conjunction with the daily life of your business. WordPress offers great options that will help you achieve your online goals.

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