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Will “MYSPACE” make a comeback…?

My Space has just been sold, for 35 million down from 580 million six years ago…..will they make a comeback…? Another example of social media marketing and company’s trying to compete with Facebook.     Vincent Gentile:

News Corp. sold music and entertainment website Myspace to a little-known ad-targeting firm, shedding a onetime Internet success […]

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Googles, social networking effort.

Great read from the WSJ……..New social alternatives…….will it get traction…?
Google Inc. launched its most ambitious social-networking effort yet, broadening a battle with Facebook Inc. to grab the attention of Web users and future advertising dollars.

The new service, a top priority for new Google Chief Executive Larry Page, is aimed at exploiting what has been […]

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How Online Retailers Can Leverage Facebook’s Open Graph

Another take on utilizing social an interactive marketing, any retailer can write a similar app.

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Social Media and e-Commerce Go Hand in Hand

Social Media and e-Commerce Go Hand in Hand.
This is a great read on interactive marketing in the retail environment. 
Vincent Gentile,

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